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From the smallest box to oversized pallet, we're here to help you get those critical shipments where they need to be. At Nepdrop, we provide courier service in Nepal, vehicle rent and a marketplace, where everyone can sell their products.

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Courier Service Kathmandu

About Us

Nepdrop's professional drivers can deliver packages of any size across the country. We mainly provide delivery and courier service in Nepal. Customers who place an order with our company can rest assured that their deliveries will arrive in time, and in excellent condition.

Who We Are

Nepdrop isn't simply another delivery service. We provide peace of mind for everyone with a delivery requirement, thanks to our highly trained customer care experts and drivers, as well as our cutting-edge technologies. Our technology allows you to trace your delivery in real-time and confirm your signature after it's been delivered.

Our History

Our company, founded in 2021, has an experienced team of delivery specialists who understand our clients' demands and always follow through on every delivery. Our primary objective is to make every delivery service as simple as possible by optimizing delivery routes and using our vehicle rent service to deliver your product throughout the country as quickly as possible.

Our Mission

We are an online-based platform, and we aim to connect business to consumers and business to business.

Our Services

No matter how frequently you deliver, whether once a month or every day, we've got services tailored for you!

Packages Delivery

    Need to ship a package? In any part of the country, Nepdrop has a solution for you.

  • Ship any package.
  • Unlimited weight on multiple shipments to the same destination.
  • Dimensions per package can be up to any size.
  • If you use your packaging, dimensional weight may apply.

Vehicle Rental

    In addition to delivery services, we also have a wide variety of vehicle fleets that you can rent to deliver your goods.

    Currently, we are offering two sub-services!

  • TRIP RENT- Enter your pick-up location and drop-off destination, and we will deliver your products for you.
  • TIME RENT- Have endless freedom and get a vehicle of your choice for the timeframe you want.

Items Delivery

We connect customers with the vast majority of businesses. Whether you need delivery of something as simple as a Bluetooth speaker or furniture for your home, we got you covered.

We are driven to deliver a fantastic experience to our customers consistently.

Our ecosystem is built around the mission to deliver anything.

Our Work Process

Nepdrop Courier Service

Step 1

User selects items, packages

Step 2

User selects receiver

Step 3

Selects pickup and destination address

Step 4

Adds or updates order

Step 5

Request goes to Vehicle

Step 6

Vehicle drops items or package
Delivery Service In Nepal

Step 1

User selects
items, packages

Step 2

selects receiver

Step 3

Selects pickup
and destination

Step 4

Adds or
updates order

Step 5

Request goes
to Vehicle

Step 6

Vehicle drops
items or package
Courier Service in Nepal

NepDrop Covid Safety

The health and safety of our users is our main goal in fighting the spread of the coronavirus. We aquire all the safety measures provided by WHO. You can also protect your own health and that of those around you by observing simple but effective rules.

Maintain basic hygiene

Regularly wash your hands with soap, and use alcohol-based hand sanitizer after touching things.

Keep your distance

Maintain a distance of at least 3 feet from other people, especially if they have a cough or a cold.

Avoid touching your face

When possible, do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth since bacteria may transfer into body

Observe respiratory hygiene

When you need to cough or sneez, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, handkerchief, or your elbow.

Practice social distancing

Try to avoid public places, crowded areas, and public transportation. Do not leave the house unless absolutely necessary.

Seek medical treatment

If you have an elevated body temperature, a cold, or experiencing weakness or difficulty breathing, immediately seek medical help.

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